Process control systems integration

Autocontrol offers complete System Integration of process analyzers together with related sample conditioning systems and sample recovery systems into environmentally controlled shelters/cabinets.
Many process analyzers require a controlled environment that can only be provided by a properly engineered and constructed analyzer protection.
Enclosures range goes from single rack cabinets, three-sided shelters all the way up to local cabinets and 10+ meter walk-in shelters.
Our offer is based on the following major items:

  • Sample take-off probes for installation on process lines.
  • Sample pre-conditioning units (temperature and pressure control).
  • Fast-loop systems and pump skids, engineered in order to provide correct sample hold-up time depending on analysis cycle time.
  • Sample conditioning systems, properly designed in order to provide correctly conditioned sample to analyzers at suitable flow, temperature, pressure and filtration values.
  • PLC based safety control system.
  • Sample recovery system to collect return and analyzed samples and pump back to process lines
  • Analyzer shelters with HVAC unit and fully equipped
  • Analyzer local cabinets with AC unit and fully equipped
  • Process analyzers such as: Gas chromatographs, Flash Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, and Vapour pressure, TOC, Moisture, Density, Chemical composition, Physical properties, NIR, FTIR, NMR, Sulphur etc.