Autocontrol produce sample conditioning equipment for continuous online analysis in process applications. We provide application engineering services for our customers to assist them in selecting an effective and reliable system or a combination of sample conditioning equipment and accessories to solve their sampling problems.

Our extensive experience in the design of sampling systems for all type of analyzers in many type of processes enable us to offer a complete solution package that will ensure all the benefits of the analysis are realized and reliably provided.

Sample Conditioning System (SCS) is the final stage to handle process samples, which are very important to ensure process analytical instruments or analyzer to work properly. It provides process sample fine filtration, temperature control, pressure control, fast loop and sample loop flow control and multi-streams switching. Most process analytical problems come from the design of SCS. The better understanding of both process and analyzer is critical in design and fabrication of SCS.

Sample pre-conditioning, fast loop and sample conditioning/validation units are designed and engineered according to Customer specifications, process fluid characteristics and hold-up time in order to provide significant sample to analyzer. Standard liquid calibration/validation facilities include sample drum with nitrogen driven piston, level control, double block & bleed stream selection, portable sample collection bottle with quick coupling. Also manufactured are water-cooled sample pre-coolers which can be used to cool gas and liquid samples. Components are selected on the basis of high performance and material compatibility.

The key points of a customized sampling systems based on application requirements are:
•    High performance total solutions
•    Low Maintenance
•    Robust Construction
•    Environmentally friendly
•    Proven and reliable technology
•    100% Availability