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Multiple or Single ln-Line Sampling: Prime-Une

Custody transfer applications often occur on piers where the best sampling point is found on the loading/unloading arms.
In these situations, there is usually a chronic lack of space which leads to difficulties in adding a mixing device.
Luckily, the unloading arm is the best sampling point available due to the presence of the ship’s pumps, valves, reductions and bends upstream of the sampling point, which guarantee almost perfect mixing. In this case, a multiple in-line sampler is a wonderful solution: easy, reliable and perfect far the job.
The first advantage is that no mixer (the need far a mixing device will be evaluated on a case by case basis) static or dynamic is required. This simplification provides the highest reliability rate (with a reliability rate of >97 .5% in complex applications, even higher in simpler applications) and easy operation.
However, in-line instruments can stili be added far measuring physical parameters, such as pressure, temperature and density. Performance contrai is ensured by the presence of Grab Checkers that directly verify the performance of each probe by means of a volume comparison, delivering the most accurate performance. Sample collection lines are drained with Nitrogen in arder to collect ali the remaining product and a drainage report is generated to attest the perfect cleaning.
The cleaning effectiveness is certified by a digitai weighing system with 1 g precision.