DY-MIX system

Our Dy-Mix system is the incarnation of a Dynamic Mixer.
This device is tailored to meet the plant requirements of the end user. Available for lines with diameters of up to 60″, the system is accurately sized to generate enough power to correctly mix the pipeline content.
it can be used together with an in line sampling system or combined with a fast loop circuit and cell sampler.
The system can be supplied with two redundant pumps for reducing the maintenance downtime to zero, allowing it to operate with one of the two pumps.
Unlike Static Mixers devices, virtually no pressure drop is introduced into the main pipeline.
Moreover, our engineers designed the Dy Mix system with the most advanced multiphysics Finite Element Method and CAD tools: the result is the real guarantee of the mixing effect and control of the characteristics such as persistence of turbulence. This exclusive Autocontrol system really makes
the difference. In addition to the previous considerations, the large sample-intake opening maximizes accuracy and minimizes uncertainty during sample separation, allowing to obtain the most representative sample.
The investment return is very quick:
the great accuracy in detecting water in oil is so high that the price of the system and its power consumption is recovered in no time at all.