Cell Sampler for Fast Loop

The CS55 is designed for use with 1” to 3” lines and it is suitable to be mounted directly on the bypass line of a Fast Loop sampling system or everywhere a sampling operation for fiscal transfer and quality control is required.
The cell grab sampler allows for a true isokinetic and representative sample extraction of the flowing product from a bypass fast loop line, yielding the most reliable, accurate and repeatable results in its use as part of an on-line sampling system.
It is suitable for the collection of a wide range of liquid samples from light refined products to crude oils and heated oils.
With its unique grab collection head design, the CS55 is the most versatile, accurate and reliable Sampler extractor available.
With each actuation of the sampler the piston collection head is compressed. This causes the sample grab isolation, the vanishing of the chamber in the collection head and the consequent complete voiding of product reducing any
dead volume to irrelevant quantity inside the sampler. This triple action allows for improving accuracy and collecting a truly representative sample. It insures that each new sample grab will be representative of what is really flowing through the pipeline at any instant.
This design allows CS55 liquid cell sampler to extract the product from the fast loop line and to pump it past the in-line relief valve into the sample collection container giving accurate sampling regardless of variations in pipeline pressure or fluid viscosity