Small systems with great performances.

FIRST-90 – In-Line, double receiver sampling system.

First-90 is our smallest sampling system but also one of the toughest, it can manage one sampling point and is suitable for the harshest environments due to its Stainless Steel construction (it has been used in off-shore platforms, terminals and refineries).
it can be managed locally or remotely by its dedicated SWIFT Sample Controller. A DCS/SCADA interface is also available via Dry-Contacts or Modbus lnterface for easy integration with customer’s systems.
its modular structure allows managing one or two sample receivers with automatic change over and level switches to avoid overfill.
To be compliant with the 1803171/API8.2 standard requirements, it can be equipped with loading cells whose weight reading can be used to calculate the Performance Factor.
its compactness makes it suitable for applications where there is lack of space.
it is available in a pneumatic version or a completely electrical version when air pressure is not available.