Small systems with great performances.

EPASS – Electronic Portable Sampling System.

One of a kind, this portable system can be used when a fixed system is not a viable solution (i.e. lack of space or infrequent sampling operations).
EPASS runs on batteries and can deliver up to 48 hours of continuous sampling time, which can be easily extended by replacing the batteries without losing the sampling operation, it can be connected directly to the ship’s manifold with his specific spool pieces.
Up to four loading arms can be sampled at the same time, and the system can record the Flow Rate, Pressure and Temperature for each arm. The system can accurately record the sample weight by using the electronic weighing system, al so used t o calculate the Performance Factor as per the IS03171/API8.2 requirements.
An easy-to-read graphic display makes extremely easy to operate the system. Last but not least, the system can al so manage multi-grade sampling, even when the product is unloaded randomly. A Report can be retrieved directly from the sampling unit in PDF format, as well as other exchange formats (i.e. Excel) with the use of a simple USB pen drive.