Autocontrol designs and manufactures custom-made sample collection devices for the Oil & Gas industry to meet the diverse needs of customers regarding the collection of representative samples of process fluids, liquids or gases, and to guarantee compliance with the local health and safety regulations, including the PED and ATEX directives.

In particular, we have developed standard or customised systems such as:

➢    Simple systems for taking samples of gases and liquids using cylinders of different volumes (from 50cc to 1 gallon) and materials (AISI 316, also coated internally with Teflon or treated for low sulphur levels, HC-276, Alloy-400).
The sampling is performed via a sample loop in a cylinder equipped with shut-off needle valve, quick connectors and suction tubes in the case of liquid sampling. On completion of the sampling operation, the operator, after discharging any overpressure, can disconnect the cylinder and send it to the laboratory for the required tests.
The sample connection device can be fitted with valves for purging and cleaning the system and with any other devices based on the customer’s requirements.

➢    Reinforced sample connection device, for heavy-duty use, equipped with manual connecting  system for canisters with various types of quick connectors chosen according to the product to be sampled. This type of sampling device has now become a reference standard for various national end users because it is very reliable, easy to use and strong. It comes with flanges at the battery limits which make it easy to integrate in any system.

➢    Needle sampling systems are designed to collect a sample into a glass bottle with porous septum, without modifying any original valve.
The sample is circulated in a pre-chamber made up of a cylinder in stainless steel (or another type of material depending on the application), and is then made to flow out through the needle, with a nitrogen purge, into a bottle equipped with porous septum. Only one manual operation is required to collect the sample.
This type of sample collection device allows drawing up hazardous substances without any risk to the operator because the vents are conveyed into a second needle that allows them to be discharged into a controlled atmosphere. The porous septum, soft, will close naturally after being pierced by the two needles.