Electrical Retractable Adjustable Sampler Probe

The PS55ERA, insertion grab Sampler Probe allows for a true isokinetic and representative sample extraction of the flowing product from a tansfer pipeline, yielding the most reliable, accurate and repeatable results in its use as part of an on-line sampling system.
Available in standard and high pressure versions, it is suitable for the collection of a wide range of liquid samples from light refined products to crude oils and heated oils.
The PS55ERA is designed for use with 6” to 40” pipelines and it is suitable to be inserted into the area of the pipeline required in the operating standards ISO 3171, API 8.2, IP 6.2.
This style of sampler probe has the added benefit of being able to be inserted and withdrawn from the pipeline, by installing it through an isolation valve, without having to fully depressurize the line.
In case of pipeline high pressure, the PS55ERA sampler probe can be inserted and retracted from the pipeline by means of Autocontrol Hydraulic Extractor under pressure conditions
The PS55ERA Sampler Probe is Electrically Actuated and shall be coupled with the CB55E Control Box Unit.