SR-20M & SR-10M
Portable Sample Receivers in SS304

For an accurate sampling ISO 3171, API chapter 8.2 and IP part IV section 2 recommend the use of portable receivers as the most reliable solution to maintain the integrity of the collected sample at any times in the exact same representative state as in the pipeline.

SR-20Mand SR-10M Sample Receivers are suitable for the storage and handling of the crude oil and refined product samples. They are designed to meet the needs for more accurate sub-sampling and sampling draw-off for water cut analysis when used in conjunction with either the LM-20 and PM-20 series of Sample Homogenizers from Autocontrol.

The SR-20M and SR-10M Sample Receivers are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel and are designed to minimize the dead volumes, light weight to facilitate handling and easy to be cleaned. They are fitted with AISI 316 pressure gauge, calibrated relief valve and male quick connectors.
Furthermore they are suitable to be secured and sealed for inspection purposes

Connections :
1/2” inlet male quick connector for sample forced circulation and sample inlet during sampling.
3/4” outlet male quick connector for sample forced circulation