COOLING POWER: 6.5 to 34 kW

The CXX series for Wall mounting and the same code with suffix –R for series Roof mounting are Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC units). They are suitable either for Safe areas or for Zone 1 (or Zone 2) classified areas (according to the EN 60079-10 standard) due to the presence of flammable gases or vapours (gas group IIA IIB IIB+H2 or IIC) or for Zone 21 (or Zone 22), in the presence of combustible dusts, according to the EN 61241-10 standard. These series are certified in compliance with 94/9/EC (ATEX) Directive, Group II, Category 2GD, protection by constructional safety according to EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1, EN 13463-5, EN 60079-14 and EN 61241-14 European standards and provided with:
• EC Declaration of Conformity;
• User’s Manual for installation, Operation and Maintenance.
Type examination certificate: ICEPI 10 ATEX 005
The models that we produce are suitable for the installation of the following apparatus:
• TVR Analyzer Cabinet (Transportable Ventilated Rooms according to EN 50381 standard);
• TVR Analyzer Houses (Transportable Ventilated Rooms according to EN 50381 standard);
• Gas Metering stations;
• Gas chromatograph stations;
• Habitable Containers.
For aggressive environments the frames are built in 316L stainless steel materials.


Air Conditioner Unit is composed of:
• Heating provided by means of electric system;
• Cooling provided by means of air cooled mechanical refrigeration system;
• Evaporator and Condenser units;
• Automatic temperature control provided by means of high/low temperature switch controlling cooling/heating circuit;
• Drain to collect the atmospheric humidity condensate.
Air Pressurization Unit composed of Dual fully redundant fans, one in stand-by, will be provided for building pressurization and ventilation.
The following electric components in 2GD execution are the main elements of CDX – CDA – CTX and CXX air conditioner series:
• Alternative Hermetic Compressor;
• Fans’ motors;
• Aluminium alloy Enclosures containing programmable PLC (Wago, Siemens or Allen Bradley) and equipment relating to the conditioner’s functional logic.


There are also the following non-electrical components (risks analysis already carried out):
• Fans;
• Air Refrigerant gas heat exchangers, finned battery type, with copper tubing and aluminium fins;
• Cooling circuit made of copper welded with precious alloy, completed with: lamination capillary tube, mechanical dehydratation filter, brass valves, pressure and temperature control devices.
The HVAC units will be equipped with a Control Box, Power Box/es and a Box for the intrinsically safe barriers and they will be fully controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and the alarms will be sent to Control Room by free contact relay.
All the lamps and the control switches for the HVAC units status control / monitoring will be installed in front of the control box.
AUTOCONTROL, in these last years, has developed a Graphic Controller system for the HVAC units status control / monitoring.
This system is composed of a graphic panel for the HVAC monitoring (alarms and status of the system) and a keyboard suitable for the control (Temperature setting).
This system can be protected by password.
All the HVAC units can be built also for Safe Areas.