he WS-30 is an hazardous area compliant device whom function is to constantly monitor the weight of the collected sample and it is designed to work seamlessly with the whole Autocontrol Technologies’ sampling systems range.The assembly, built to be compliant with the requirements of an hazardous area environment, is composed by the weighing platform, the safe area intrinsically safe interface and, optionally, by a power supply. All the above is supplied installed in appropriate EEx-d box, suitable to be interfaced with an external sampling system.
The sampling system can be equipped with up to four WS-30 weighing systems.
The WS-30 weighing platform is designed as a stand-alone sub system, easy to calibrate and built with the most modern weight transmitters and safety devices in order to provide the most accurate linearity signal and the higher accuracy.
When interfaced with an Autocontrol Technologies controller the weight is red digitally, exploiting in this way the maximum accuracy thanks to a reduced number of analogic conversions across the acquisition chain.
The “off centre” type mono-cell allows to obtain always a precise measurement even with an unbalanced weight on the platform.
The main benefits of adding a WS-30 to a sampling system are the followings:
Possibility to compute a Performance Factor of the sampling operation, as required by API8.2, ISO3171 and ASTMD4177 standards.
Real time monitoring of the sampling system performances, with the possibility to detect any sampling problems in early stage.


For an accurate sampling ISO 3171, API chapter 8.2 and IP part IV section 2 recommend the use of portable receivers as the most reliable solution to maintain the integrity of the collected sample at any times in the exact same representative state as in the pipeline.

SR-20 and SR-10 sample receivers are suitable for the storage and handling of the crude oil and refined product samples. They are designed to meet the needs for more accurate sub-sampling and sampling draw-off for water cut analysis when used in conjunction with the Laboratory Mixer.

The LM Mixers comply with the ISO 3171, IP part VI-2, and API 8-2 Standards