DY-MIX system

Our Dy-Mix system is the incarnation of a Dynamic Mixer.
This device is tailored to meet the plant requirements of the end user. Available for lines with diameters of up to 60″, the system is accurately sized to generate enough power to correctly mix the pipeline content.
it can be used together with an in line sampling system or combined with a fast loop circuit and cell sampler.
The system can be supplied with two redundant pumps for reducing the maintenance downtime to zero, allowing it to operate with one of the two pumps.
Unlike Static Mixers devices, virtually no pressure drop is introduced into the main pipeline.
Moreover, our engineers designed the Dy Mix system with the most advanced multiphysics Finite Element Method and CAD tools: the result is the real guarantee of the mixing effect and control of the characteristics such as persistence of turbulence. This exclusive Autocontrol system really makes
the difference. In addition to the previous considerations, the large sample-intake opening maximizes accuracy and minimizes uncertainty during sample separation, allowing to obtain the most representative sample.
The investment return is very quick:
the great accuracy in detecting water in oil is so high that the price of the system and its power consumption is recovered in no time at all.


Smart-Loop Sampling System

The smart loop sampling system implements the classic bypass solution. This solution is perfect when many different inline measuring devices need to be inserted. These systems are designed according to the specific needs of each single application. A cell sampler is used as a sample extraction device. Smart-Sampling systems can be associated to a Dy-Mix System exploiting its pumps, or can be equipped with a dedicated pump skid, with one or two pumps in case of heavy duty applications.


Multiple or Single ln-Line Sampling: Prime-Une

Custody transfer applications often occur on piers where the best sampling point is found on the loading/unloading arms.
In these situations, there is usually a chronic lack of space which leads to difficulties in adding a mixing device.
Luckily, the unloading arm is the best sampling point available due to the presence of the ship’s pumps, valves, reductions and bends upstream of the sampling point, which guarantee almost perfect mixing. In this case, a multiple in-line sampler is a wonderful solution: easy, reliable and perfect far the job.
The first advantage is that no mixer (the need far a mixing device will be evaluated on a case by case basis) static or dynamic is required. This simplification provides the highest reliability rate (with a reliability rate of >97 .5% in complex applications, even higher in simpler applications) and easy operation.
However, in-line instruments can stili be added far measuring physical parameters, such as pressure, temperature and density. Performance contrai is ensured by the presence of Grab Checkers that directly verify the performance of each probe by means of a volume comparison, delivering the most accurate performance. Sample collection lines are drained with Nitrogen in arder to collect ali the remaining product and a drainage report is generated to attest the perfect cleaning.
The cleaning effectiveness is certified by a digitai weighing system with 1 g precision.


FIRST-90 – In-Line, double receiver sampling system.

First-90 is our smallest sampling system but also one of the toughest, it can manage one sampling point and is suitable for the harshest environments due to its Stainless Steel construction (it has been used in off-shore platforms, terminals and refineries).
it can be managed locally or remotely by its dedicated SWIFT Sample Controller. A DCS/SCADA interface is also available via Dry-Contacts or Modbus lnterface for easy integration with customer’s systems.
its modular structure allows managing one or two sample receivers with automatic change over and level switches to avoid overfill.
To be compliant with the 1803171/API8.2 standard requirements, it can be equipped with loading cells whose weight reading can be used to calculate the Performance Factor.
its compactness makes it suitable for applications where there is lack of space.
it is available in a pneumatic version or a completely electrical version when air pressure is not available.


EPASS – Electronic Portable Sampling System.

One of a kind, this portable system can be used when a fixed system is not a viable solution (i.e. lack of space or infrequent sampling operations).
EPASS runs on batteries and can deliver up to 48 hours of continuous sampling time, which can be easily extended by replacing the batteries without losing the sampling operation, it can be connected directly to the ship’s manifold with his specific spool pieces.
Up to four loading arms can be sampled at the same time, and the system can record the Flow Rate, Pressure and Temperature for each arm. The system can accurately record the sample weight by using the electronic weighing system, al so used t o calculate the Performance Factor as per the IS03171/API8.2 requirements.
An easy-to-read graphic display makes extremely easy to operate the system. Last but not least, the system can al so manage multi-grade sampling, even when the product is unloaded randomly. A Report can be retrieved directly from the sampling unit in PDF format, as well as other exchange formats (i.e. Excel) with the use of a simple USB pen drive.